Landscape Misting -   Mistscaping

Over the last ten years the landscaping of our homes has changed and evolved. The choices one has to enhance their outdoor areas are vast. 

Now MISTECH can offer another innovative product to enhance and enrich your outdoor spaces. MISTECH Mist Cooling is the newest way to cool outdoor areas efficiently and economically – making the backyard oasis usable all year round. With the development of new technologies, the mist cooling systems can even cool outdoor areas in humid climates. These are successfully being cooled by as much as 15 degrees without getting people wet.

With the introduction of a MISTECH high pressure misting system, an innovative landscaper can use this new technology not only to cool the great outdoors, but also as a tool to create wonderful aesthetically pleasing areas in and around the landscape adding that real WOW factor to any backyard. We call this MISTSCAPING. 


Mist emanating from the trees  

To accomplish this look, a tree of medium height say around 10m can have 5 to 10 mist nozzles placed into its canopy creating a magical fog. With the addition of low voltage lighting and a timer the effect could be very dramatic and quite the crowd pleaser at parties and other functions.

Pathway fogging effects

Low mounted mist nozzles on lit pathways winding through the landscape or down a landscaped corridor into a courtyard is a stunning look that is sure to please any homeowner. These should be spaced out about every 3 meters for dramatic effect.

Water feature and pool misting

Addition of mist or fog around any water feature or fountain is always a winner and it only takes a few strategically placed nozzles to get great results. If you are having a swimming pool installed insist that the pool contractor installs a MISTECH Misting system at the water level and on waterfalls. The effect is so great everyone will be talking about it and I am quite sure your neighbours don’t have it, but they will.

Greenhouse effect

Misting is also beneficial to plants like Ferns, Hostas and most Tropical Plants. Adding mist in and around any plant material will enhance the look of the landscape.

Playground cooling

Playground equipment, trampolines and other play structures can have mist cooling adapted to them as well making these areas more fun and comfortable during the hot summer months.

So, as you can see there are many applications for this system.  Contact us and we will help you design your dream outdoor entertainment area.