Cool Comfort for Little Ones:

Childcare Outdoor


Outdoor play is integral to a child's well-being, promoting physical activity and contributing to their overall health. However, the soaring temperatures of summer, reaching into the high 30s and even 40s, pose unique challenges for young children. Unlike older children and adults, young children struggle to regulate their body temperature in extreme heat. Their smaller bodies absorb more heat, perspire less efficiently, and are more susceptible to dehydration. Additionally, they may find it harder to recognize the symptoms of heat stress. A Mistech Cooling high-pressure misting system will provide your business with an effective outdoor cooling solution, ensuring a more enjoyable outdoor area that promotes both the health and delight of young children, creating a safe and comfortable outdoor environment for children all year long.

Regulate Temperatures, Combat Heat Stress: 

Creating Childcare Comfort

On scorching summer days, Childcare providers face the challenge of keeping children cool and comfortable. MISTECH Misting Systems provide the ultimate solution for temperature regulation and combating heat stress. Our high-pressure misting technology has the power to reduce temperatures by up to 10 degrees, transforming your childcare facility into a refreshing haven for children.

Globally recognized for their effectiveness, high-pressure misting systems are now a vital component for childcare providers across Australia. Install our misting system strategically—over sandpits, around play equipment, fixed to shade structures, along fence lines, or in tree canopies—to provide essential relief from the scorching heat.

MISTECH Misting Systems excel in temperature regulation and preventing heat stress, ensuring a cool and comfortable environment for both kids and staff on those hot summer days.


Elevate Your Childcare Center:

Outdoor Oasis 

Stand out from other childcare providers by installing a MISTECH Misting System — the key to giving your facility the coveted WOW factor and establishing your position as a leading childcare provider. Our misting systems go beyond functionality; they have the ability to create a subtle fog effect that not only cools but also adds a visually impressive element to the ambience of your outdoor play areas. 

Imagine the possibilities! You can get creative by installing nozzles that mimic a dragon's breath, creating a thrilling 'fire-breathing' effect. Or, bring whimsy to life with a 'Blast off!' misting effect shooting from a rocket. The options are limitless, allowing you to turn an average playground into an enchanted play land with playground misting.

Enhance Air Quality for

Allergy & Asthma Sufferers

with MISTECH Misting Systems

Experience a significant improvement in air quality with MISTECH Misting Systems, especially beneficial for those dealing with allergies and asthma. Our systems excel in suppressing dust and pollen by utilizing micro-fine atomized water. This process attracts and combines dust and pollen particles, causing them to safely fall out of the air.

For parents of children suffering from allergies and asthma, MISTECH misting systems are a godsend, providing much-needed peace of mind. Breathe easy knowing that our systems contribute to creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for your loved ones.


Repel Flying Insects

Apart from effective cooling and improving air quality another benefit of a MISTECH Misting System is its ability to repel flies and flying insects. The millions of micro fine water droplets interfere with their sensory system creating a natural deterrent.

MISTECH Misting systems are energy efficient, water efficient and are highly effective at cooling, repelling insects and improving air quality....but most importantly the kids love it!