What is Misting

MISTECH has engineered its high pressure misting systems to take full advantage of the "mist cooling science", utilising the simple principle of "evaporative cooling”.

A MISTECH, outdoor cooling system produces timed bursts of ultra-fine mist consisting of millions of heat absorbing droplets that "flash evaporate". This flash evaporation process results in large amounts of heat energy consumption, thus removing heat from the surrounding air.

A MISTECH high pressure mist cooling system produces 1000psi of pressure forcing filtered water through highly engineered misting nozzles creating atomised   water droplets as small as 8-10 microns in size. This ensures that the cooling mist stays suspended in the air long enough to evaporate avoiding any wetness on your skin.

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How we can help

Luxury Cooling Mist Systems For Your Home

With A Mistech High Pressure Mist Cooling System You Will Not Get Wet!

Combining a high velocity MISTECH misting fan to your misting system will enhance the evaporative cooling process with convection cooling (wind chill factor). Misting fans will give you a significant increase in cooling the surrounding area by providing a cool refreshing breeze.

MISTECH provides customised designs of high pressure mist outdoor cooling systems with a full installation and back up service.



Installed this system on the large deck on our rural property home.
It was very effective in lowering the temperature and enabled us to use the outdoor area in comfort during the heat of summer.....it was also a great   selling point when we put the property on the market.


Jennifer Bailey


Love our new misting system, it has definitely helped to cool our patio area and made it more enjoyable. 


Louis Crisp


We set up our misting system and fan for a family gathering and it was the talking point of the party. It really helped us oldies cope with the heat. 


Owen Thomson