Cooling Solution For Alfresco Dining

Want To Increase The Revenue Of Your Alfresco Areas?

As summer temperatures rise, patio dining and outside bar areas become unbearable, uninhabitable money losers.  Not only are customers repelled by the heat, the incessant flies can be a real turn off forcing patrons inside and rendering your outdoor areas unusable.

A MISTECH Misting System can turn that space into a comfortable and profitable retreat that allows you to maintain maximum patronage in your outdoor spaces. Not only is a MISTECH Misting System practical in reducing temperatures by up to 15 degrees, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and a real draw card for passer-by’s. Walking under a curtain of mist as you enter or being graced with the cool air as you dine on the patio establishes an immediate level of comfort and creates a real impression. It also sets you apart from other cafes and restaurants by giving you the “wow” factor and competitive edge, the effects are visually stunning and will increase the overall ambience and useability of your outdoor spaces.

Provide your customers with a comfortable cool oasis during the sweltering heat of summer!