About Us

Let us support you in creating incredible,
unique and ‘cool’ out door entertainment areas
in your brand new or existing home.

Our Story

Mistech Cooling is a family owned business, striving to incorporate family-like values at the heart of every project. We understand the value of having a high-class entertainment or family area in your home and this is why you can trust Mistech Cooling to provide you with quality, unique and safe misting technology that will enhance the appearance of any outdoor area and keep you cool.

Why choose us?

Mistech Cooling prides itself on delivering on time, within budget, high quality misting systems for all outdoor areas, whether it’s for patios, decks, mistscaping or even for the pool. Each time you order from Mistech Cooling you can rest easy knowing that the product you receive will be of high quality and contain the latest modern technology.

Who’s at the helm?

Our Director Mr Clayton Pound has been in the Misting scene for the last 5 years. His extensive misting experience has included residential and commercial businesses such as Child Care facilities.